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It’s tough being a teen in the 21st century. With so many restrictions, requirements, and reality television obsessed with cultural messages focused on fame, fortune, beauty, and sex, it’s no wonder teens feel helpless, hopeless, and stressed out. Well, you are in luck because help is here!

Be the Star You Are!® for TEENS is a refreshing escape from sermons and rules. Instead you’ll read real life stories with real issue tools. Each easy to read short chapter is jam packed with simple strategies that you can implement immediately to survive and thrive. Written by teens, for teens, and about teens, Be the Star You Are! for TEENS encourages you to embrace your individuality, find your passion, and ignite the flame that burns brightly within.

Teen empowerment expert, and life success coach, Cynthia Brian, is your guide on the side urging you to live your dreams and never settle for less.  Thirty-eight insightful writers have Contributed stories that will inspire and motivate. The techniques and principles may not eliminate all of your pressures or frustration, but you’ll learn how to cope with courage and face challenges with humor and self-confidence.

Whether you are a teen looking for answers, a parent, teacher, grandparent, or advisor searching for communication guidance, this book is guaranteed to improve the lives of every soul who reads it.

Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit Be the Star You Are!® 501c3 charity, empowering women, families, and youth through improved literacy and positive media.

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ISBN: 978-1-60037-632-0
"I wish I would have read this when I was a teen.  It would have encouraged me to let go and be me.  Individuality is crucial in life.  This book helps explain why it is so important to stay true to yourself."
Olesya Rulin, Actress--High School Musical 1, 2 and 3

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